Cloud Control Release New Video for “Treetops,” New Album ‘Zone’ out now

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Cloud Control’s gorgeous new album ZONE is out now and the band have just dropped the video to “Treetops” via TIDAL. The video was shot during the time the band spent in the house, where ‘Treetops’ came to life. They write “Summer may officially be over, but in Australian band Cloud Control’s new video for “Treetops,” premiering today on TIDAL, we’re still all caught in a sunshiney time-warp.”

Heidi from the band tells us “Treetops’ is about the feeling of being expanded by another person,” says singer-keyboardist Heidi Lenffer. “I started with the lyric ‘you cover everything like the atmosphere around me,’ which was inspired by Anais Nin, describing how her partner ‘covers me like the sky.’ [Drummer] Ul [Lenffer] and I attacked the demo with the Juno 106 one weekend when we were living in Airbnb beach house in Charlotte Bay. We wanted it to sound like a comfy house party. The kind where you can crazy dance or fall asleep and no one cares.”

Cloud Control recently stopped by the triple j studios in Australia to deliver their take on The Cranberries “Dreams” they also performed “Treetops” you can check out both tracks below.

Listen to “Dreams” by the Cranberries Like A Version / Dreams (The Cranberries)

Listen to “Treetops” Like A Version / Treetops

ZONE was produced by front-man Alister Wright in a series of DIY home studios where the band set up camp over the last three years.

This is an album the band couldn’t have made any other way. “Going into a studio on someone else’s money, being forced to write songs this way or that way, on deadline – all of that can be really difficult, especially for Al,” Ulrich says. “But buying all our own gear this time, recording the album, producing it, mixing it ourselves – that freedom became a powerful force.”

On this album they were freer with their direction and influences than ever before and slowly but surely they found their balance as a trio, and rediscovered their zone.

In that, ZONE represents the full record: the band at their rawest, most inventive and most evolved,  but still unmistakably Cloud Control.

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ZONE Tracklisting:

  1. Zone (This Is How It Feels)
  2. Treetops
  3. Rainbow City
  4. Panopticon
  5. Lights On The Chrome
  6. Goldfish
  7. Lacuna
  8. Mum’s Spaghetti
  9. Summer Rave
  10. Find Me In The Water |


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