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What is your name and role within CKNU?

My name is Sah and I am one of the three lead vocalists in the band.

Where are you currently based?

We are currently residing in Brisbane.

To wrap up your tour and the end of 2017 the band is releasing a crazy, quirky new video ‘Plus One’ [watch here] How did the idea for the video come about?

The idea for the video came about by sitting down with the director and editor of the music video and brainstorming ideas. We didn’t want to do your typical ‘boy meets girl’ scenario.  So we decided to use the bands sense of humour for the main theme.

Where did you film and who with?

We filmed with producer Julian D’arcy and director Kate Sparrow and crew at three different locations. Woorim, Bribe Island, The Boo Bowls Club, and a house in New Farm.

Where and when did you record the track?

We recorded the track with reggae artist JSQZE at his studio in Loganholme. It took us just over a month in September to get it recorded and mixed.

What equipment and programs do you use live and to record?

For our live sets we like to use Logic as our main program but we are going to move to Abelton Live. In my opinion it gives you a bit more freedom musically when you play live on stage. As for recording we always use Pro Tools but we mix pre recorded Logic midi files into the session depending on the song.

How do you go about your song writing / creative process?

Once a riff or a melody is established we then break down the song structure and pick a verse or chorus we like. Everyone writes their piece and we then come back to the practice studio and put it all together. The song will evolve over time and the more we play it live the more ideas we have for the recording process later on.


How did the band form?

The band was formed in 2015. We were a four piece band looking for a keyboardist to give our songs more depth and fill. Long time family friend, George put his hand up and we met for a run through. Instantly there was a musical connection and the rest I guess is history.

The band mentioned at the single launch that they are intending to get back into the studio and record something new – another EP may be in mind for 2018.  Can you give us an idea of what to expect form this EP?

In 2018 we aim to have 5 songs recorded by mid year. Wether they be released as singles or on an Ep is yet to be confirmed. As for the genres and style of the songs we like to have variety and switch up a bit so a ballad will definitely be in the mix this time.

Where and when will you start recording?

We aim to start recording by the middle of February and have a least two singles recorded by the end of March. We are not to sure where we will be recording as of yet. Where we record depends on the availability of the producer and band at that time.

Do you have all the tracks ready to go?

The tracks are all ready to go as we have already played them live before. There are a few new songs in the works that may get released as a surprise singles next year.


What is the reggae/ funk/ soul scene like in Brisbane?

From my experience, the reggae / funk / soul scene in Brisbane has only become popular again in the last two or three years. There are a few excellent bands out there for those specific genres but not too many bands who play that particular mix of genres.

Do you have any venues where you usually gig?

We try to play at Brooklyn Standard in the city once or twice a month. It’s a good little place to have a boogie on the weekend. Other than that we travel up and down the coast for gigs and usually play local festivals and events around Brisbane.

What influences your sound?

Because music is always changing we try to stay relevant and mix the style of today’s music but still hold the core of old-school roots with every song we do.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

At the moment I am listening to jazz hip hop chill lo-fi instrumentals.

When and where are you playing next?

Our next gig will be at Great Kepple Island over the Christmas and New Years.

Favourite food and place to hangout?

My favourite place to hang out would have to be a backyard barbecue with the friends and family.


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MPolly November 29, 2017 - 1:56 am

You guys are goooood. Can’t wait for the new stuff!


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