Chastity Belt, The Babe Rainbow, Noga Erez, Saint Etienne, Korey Dane, Dauwd, Various Artists of Hardly Art ALBUM OUT NOW FRIDAY JUNE 2

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Chastity Belt

I Used To Spend So

Much Time Alone

Easily Chastity Belt‘s most mature release to date, I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone is a dark and beautiful set of moody post-punk that finds the Seattle outfit’s feelings in full view, unobscured by humour. Despite these somewhat haunting insight and melodies, the album presents these serious themes without it being a serious departure from Chastity Belt’s well-loved sound.

“What will likely go down as their masterpiece.”
Drowned in Sound, 9/10

Out now on Hardly Art via Inertia Music



The Babe Rainbow
The Babe Rainbow

The Babe Rainbow have unveiled national tour dates in celebration of their self-titled debut album, featuring the single “Peace Blossom Boogy” as heard on triple j and featured on Spotify Australia‘s New Music Friday. The album is out now with love on Flightless Records via Inertia Music in Australia and New Zealand and on Dangermouse‘s 30th Century Records for the rest of the world

Aerial textures and hallucinogenic harmonies” The Brag

Out now in Australia and New Zeland on Flightless via Inertia Music
Out internationally on Friday July 14 on 30th Century / Columbia


Noga Erez
Off The Radar
Sophisticated and bold, uncompromising and unpredictable, Noga Erez‘ debut album Off The Radar is a bold statement of intent. Through tracks such as the direct “Dance While You Shoot” and fearlessly controversial “Pity“, Erez has fashioned an album that presents physical, dynamic elements of electronic music that also embraces a cerebral sensitivity devloped from a global and political mindset.
You get the impression she won’t be off the radar for long.
Out now on City Slang via Inertia Music
Saint Etienne
Home Counties

The love/hate relationship people have with “home” is acutely presented in Saint Etienne‘s new album Home Counties. The band grew up in the Home Counties of the central UK. Here they have written about a day in the life of this doughnut of shires that ring the capital, punctuated by bursts of BBC radio to remind you what time it is, and all connected by train journeys – main lines, branch lines, commutes, escapes.
Celebrating, deriding and re-daydreaming the home counties that
surround London with typically kitsch and swinging panache.

The Music, ★★★★½
Out now on Heavenly via [PIAS] / Inertia Music
Korey Dane
Chamber Girls
11 rock ‘n’ roll classics-in-the-making recorded in 96 hours. Korey Dane‘s Chamber Girls is a journey record that feels not only live but alive, too, with that go-for-broke spirit that animates everything Dane says, does, or sings: “I’m writing all the time,” Dane says. “I’ve lived by a line a day sometimes. I try and stop when it’s good. If you try and simplify it down to its bare elements … it’s truly a redemptive act.
Basically stoner skater Bruce Springsteen.
Out now on Innovative Leisure via Inertia Music
Theory Of Colours
Dauwd, the US-born, Wales-raised artist who’s been releasing music for nearly six years on such noted labels as Ghostly International and Kompakt, today releases his debut album Theory of Colours. The album runs meticulously built layers on top of each other and, spanning a succinct forty minutes across seven tracks, presents a fondness for delays and a love for vintage synths and charismatic percussion.
Unknowable sounds hover, skitter and undulate against
a backdrop of refined, futuristic grooves.

Exclaim!, 8/10
Out now on Technicolour via Inertia Music
Various Artists
Hardly Released: Bedroom Recordings, Demos, Rarities, Unreleased, and Widely Ignored Material

2017 marks Hardly Art‘s 10th year of “failing upward in the music industry“, and as part of their celebrations, a brand new compilation of previously rare or unheard material is out today. A portion of the proceeds from Hardly Released… will be benefiting the ACLU, and artists from throughout all ten years of the label can be heard on it (17 in total!).
Hardly Art’s championing of post-punk, electro-goth, feminist pop-punk, new
wave/glam, garage-rock, girl-group revivalism, surf-pop, and other subgenres
has made it one of the most interesting labels in America. 

The Stranger
Out now on Hardly Art via Inertia Music

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