Chase Atlantic

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What is your name?

Clinton Cave

 Where are you based and what’s the music scene like there?

We’re originally from Australia but we currently reside in Los Angeles. Los Angeles pretty much speaks for itself. Australia is a smaller market, which inspired us to do big things and work hard.

You have an upcoming Australian tour where you will be playing Download festival, supporting Good Charlotte & Sleeping with Sirens to name a few, how do you prepare for live shows and what can we expect from you Download festival debut?

We are growing tighter as a band every time we perform and it’s starting to become muscle memory. The best way to prepare for a show is two Fireball shots and two beers! If we have those things you’ll be in for a crazy show.

You recently released your video for your track SWIM; please tell us about the concept for the video and how the concept was brought to life: 

We were touring so much at that time it was quite hard to film a music video. We had a couple of friends on tour here and there that took some footage for us. When I was back home over the Christmas break I edited together all of the collected footage over two and a half weeks.

Who did you work with on the video?

The video was self-funded. We worked with a couple of friends in regards to filming and videography, but the video was directed by Chase Atlantic and edited by myself.

Where did you film and edit?

The video was filmed in multiple locations across Australia’s East Coast during our tour with Blackbear. We also set up a video shoot in our home town of Cairns to fill in some performance shots. Once all of the footage was collected, I started the editing process in our home town.

What were the most enjoyable and challenging aspects of making the video for SWIM?

It was both enjoyable and challenging. Due to the high number of video effects I spent a lot of time researching, learning and applying different styles of video editing. I guess the computer lag was the biggest bitch of it all though.

What influenced the songwriting, lyrically and musically for SWIM?

SWIM is just about the lifestyle of living out in California. There are a bunch of metaphors included in the lyrics but don’t look too deeply into it! It’s supposed to be chill.

Where did you record SWIM and what programs and equipment did you use?

We produced recorded SWIM in our management’s studio MDDN, which is the old Boom Boom Room. We usually start in Ableton and then move everything into Logic X where composition is finalised, live instrument and vocal recordings take place and any further production needed is added.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

It’s hard to listen to music on tour, but when we do it’s usually hip-hop or rap.

How did Chase Atlantic form?

How did you first start playing music and what inspired you to keep playing?

I first picked up the alto saxophone in fifth grade and studied classically for eight years. Towards the end of high school I grew a passion for audio production and engineering and attended University for Audio Production in Brisbane, Australia.

Favourite gig to date and why?

There have been quite a few! We once performed to a fully packed crowd on top of a cruise ship with our big brothers Good Charlotte on the way from New Orleans to Mexico. That was tight!

How did Chase Atlantic come to be based in the US and what is it like to be an Australian artist working / based there?

Living in the USA as an Australian is great! Americans love Australians and we kinda feel at home when in Los Angeles. We have a lot of friends and support there too. That being said Trump likes to make it hard to work there lol.

What do you have planned for 2018?

Big, big things we cannot speak of just yet!

Your debut album came out in 2017, how has the feedback been from fans and people alike?

People love the album and can really relate to the music we put on there. It’s all real, original, organic and from just the three of us.

How did you come to write the album?  What influenced / inspired the general feel?

The album was written over a few years while we were working hard, meeting new industry people and travelling from Australia to Los Angeles. It’s the development of our band and sound over that big three year change of our lives.

Who have you collaborated with in the past and how has the experience been?

We’ve collaborated with quite a few well known producers and artists over the last couple of years! It’s been a great learning experience and we’ve learnt more and more how to be ourselves and what we do and don’t like. We’ve also worked with some pretty cool artists including ILoveMakonnen, K-Camp, Mike Posner, GDG*, Lights and a few others.



March 26 – Sydney, Hordern Pavilion  – Good Charlotte Support

March 28 – Brisbane, Riverstage – Good Charlotte Support

April 21 – Sydney, Big Top – Sleeping With Sirens Support

April 22 – Melbourne, Festival Hall – Sleeping With Sirens Support

April 24 – Adelaide, Thebarton Theatre – Sleeping With Sirens Support

April 25 – Perth, Metro City – Sleeping With Sirens Support

April 27 – Brisbane, Eatons Hill – Sleeping With Sirens Support


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