Carly Foxx

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Carly Foxx

Where are you currently based and what is the music scene like there?

 I live in London which feels like home now after nearly 12 years. On the whole, the music scene really is incredible in that you can go out any night of the week and listen to pretty much any type of music you could imagine. That’s an amazing thing and something that I have always loved about the city.  The musical history and tapestry of London is so colourful and the talent that passes through the city is extensive.  In terms of the electronic/club scene here, and maybe it’s because I’ve been here a while now, but I’m a little bored with it and it can feel a little predictable. My proper nights out now are always in other cities.


You’ve recently released your new EP ‘Body Ache’ what influenced the sound of this EP?

US piano house music.


Where and when did you record/produce?
I normally make all my music through headphones on my sofa or lying semi horizontal in bed. I like to be comfy!


How do you usually go about writing music?

I generally start with either some percussive samples / loops, or I’ll create a mood with a little synth chord progression. Once I got a cool little groove then I’ll normally plug in my £50 mic and record some vocals when the house is empty, and no one is listening. I definitely don’t consider myself a singer AT ALL, I’m not confident, but I do think I have a decent tone to my voice, I can generally sing the right note, and for me it really is an instrument that I find fun, creative and quick & easy to use.

 I don’t really have much hardware, so I go to my friend’s studio once I have finished a track and re-record stuff on his fancy analogue gear and he helps me with my mixdowns, something I don’t have the technical ability to do well at the moment.


Who are you listening to at the moment?

A rapper called Shirt (he’s so sick)

An up and coming producer and artists called Hezen (cinematic dark pop)

Daisybelle (super cool up and coming latino DJ/producer)

Party Nails (new duo from my mate James and one half of the 2 bears)

Channel Tres (new Godmode signing – the label that brought us Yaeji)

… and always The Cure on repeat.


Body Ache was released on your own label ‘Love Story Recordings’ how did you come to start your own label?

I started the label mostly because no one wanted to release my music, so I thought ok that’s cool I’ll just do it! I’ve always had a pretty good A&R ear, so naturally I started discovering other people’s music and releasing it through the label also.


What do find most rewarding and challenging about running your own label?

 I love giving a platform (albeit a very small one) to completely up and coming artists who I think are making super cool tunes. I mostly release my own stuff on there also which makes me happy as I don’t like relying on other people and would much prefer to just do things myself if I know I can do a decent job at it. You have to wade through a lot of bullshit in the music industry and I hate bullshit. So, the more I can take control and weed that shit out, the happier I am.  I find the admin aspect fairly annoying (rather than challenging) because my attention to detail is appalling and I am the world’s least practical person.


On the 26th of August you played Hï Ibiza, how do you prepare for each show?

 That show was particularly tricky to prepare for, because based on that particular night and the rest of the line-up I figured the crowd might be after something much more upfront and big room than I would normally play. So, I spent a lot of time hunting for tunes that I thought they would be into whilst still retaining some of my sound. There are some DJ’s that would say ‘fuck that I was booked for me’ and just do their sound. But I’ve never been like that. My primary focus is the crowd and making sure they’re having a good time, so for me it’s about finding a nice balance. My taste as a DJ is generally pretty varied and eclectic, so I like to mix things up a bit anyway.  I’d also never played at such a big club before, so I had to take the sheer size into consideration and cater to that too.


What do you have planned for the remainder of 2018 going into 2019?

 I’m super busy at the moment until November, presenting a music travelogue/documentary for a TV channel called Insight TV. It’s a 6-part series which follows me travelling around Europe learning about the history and culture of various cities and the effect that that’s had on the music scene. I’m also producing he music for the series, so definitely lots to do! 2019 will start most perfectly on a beach in the Philippines with my mumma! Yay!


What do you like to do outside of music?

Yoga 2-3 times a week is my second true love outside of music. Then I like to eat pizza, shop for clothes on the internet, lie on a beach and watch trashy TV (all at the same time)


Favourite food and place to hangout?

 Is it boring if I say pizza? Pizza pizza all day long. Pizza 4 life. I’m away a lot, and often working an awful lot, so my favourite place to hang out when the sun is not out is tucked up in bed like a granny. If the sun is out then I just love to be outside with no shoes on, or in the park or swimming.

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