Captain Capa

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Whats is your name and role within Captain Capa?

I’m Hannes and I’m the singer of the band, I’m also writing a lot of the music and play around with a few keys on stage.

Where are you currently based?

I’m based in Weimar, Germany, right now – the other two boys are living in Leipzig and a small town not too far from the rest of us.

You released a new album in May of this year called “This Is Forever”

Where did you record?

We laid out the basics of the songs for “This Is Forever” over the timespan of around two years in our homestudios and bedrooms, as we always do – then we spent almost the whole winter of 2016 / 2017 with our good friend and producer Norman Kolodziej in his Leipzig based studio “Chateau Brachial” to re-record and finish the album.

Favorite track from the album and why?

That’s a hard one, cause it basically changes every other week, haha. For today I’m going to go with “Gazer”, which might just be the weirdest song we’ve done so far and I still can’t believe that it worked. That was just so much fun, I love it.

You also went on a tour to promote the album it in June, how we these shows?

Our little tour in May and June was terrific, yeah! We were really wondering how these shows might turn out cause we haven’t really done a full tour in a while before that and the album was just fresh out of the oven, but the reception was just plain lovely. The atmosphere was just amazing, a little bit like coming home or meeting up with old friends. We can’t wait to head out again in October.

How did the crowd react to the new tracks? 

It’s always a challenge when you’re playing new stuff and the album is still brand new, but I think we picked the right songs to our setlist and the crowd reacted really well to the new stuff. A very warm welcome for the new babies, haha.

What equipment do you use live? 

We use a lot of controllers and keyboards linked to a notebook, some synths and a few guitars. It’s a very electronic-driven setup, it all connects to the notebook basically, even my vocals, so we can add filters and effects and do all kinds of weird stuff with it.

The tour will be continued in October, accompanied by a new video that you’re shooting right now for the song ‘Trondheim’.

The plans have changed a little bit, we’re working on a few videos right now, actually. The visual side of the band is almost as important to us as the music itself and it’s just as much fun for us to come up with visual ideas for the songs you create.

Can you give us an idea of the concept of the video? 

We’ll keep that a secret for now, but what we’re working on now is going to be at least a bit trippy. 😉

Who with and where will you be filming?  


Why did you choose the track ‘Trondheim’?

The first songs we released from “This Is Forever” were all very synth-pop-retro-wavey and we love that, but we also wanted to shine some light on the other side of the album, which is a little bit more guitar-driven and in-your-face. Trondheim just combines everything we love about music in general right now, so we definitely wanted to give it a special little place.

Top 3 icons?

Wow, loaded question! I asked around in the band and we decided on the Firefox-Icon, the Poop-Emoji and our mums. But honestly, we adore and look up to so many people we can’t possibly name a top three, haha.

What do you like to do outside of music?

We all have other passions – I’m doing a lot of graphic design, writing and arts, and we’re all pretty big nerds when it comes to hobbies outside of making music. Marco is an avid comic reader, Mario is a gamer by heart.

Favorite food and place to hangout?

I’d kill for some good Ramen noodles. I don’t really have a favourite spot to hangout right now, which is kind of a shame, so I guess I’m going to go with our little black tourbus – it’s where the silliest, most honest, funniest talk happens and it’s just cool to be around your friends and hit the road.

When and where are you playing next?

Our upcomic shows are as follows:

13.10. Frankfurt a.M. – Pony Club
14.10. Ilmenau – BD Club
28.10. Bochum – Die Trompete

Featured Photo Credit :  Timo Roth

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