Butterjack Follows Up Debut Single with New Cut ‘Good Girls’

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Butterjack Follows Up Debut Single with New Cut ‘Good Girls’

BUY & STREAM HEREFollowing his debut track ‘Other Worlds’, producer and songwriter Butterjack pulls us back into his cosmos with new single ‘Good Girls’.

‘Good Girls’ instantly hooks you in with its rhythmic, melodic beat and Butterjack’s soothing vocal resonating over the funky, R&B, synth-pop feel production. With an obvious gift for crafting insanely captivating tracks, which are propelled by his innovative production and earnest lyricism, ‘Good Girl’ is the perfect follow-up to an impressive debut.

Hidden under the instrumental, you can hear a faint chant of voices, which fade into the background when Butterjack’s vocals kick in and his thoughts and infatuation of the subject immerses him. ‘Good Girls’ speaks of finding a girl who will not give someone everything on the first date but will make him or her wait and want more.

On his newest release Butterjack says: “I’ve had this song for a little while, and it really kicked the whole project off for me. It’s simple but it means a lot. I wrote the song in my Grandma’s spare room, recorded it with a hand held mic and that’s pretty much how it has stayed. I always thought the song was just ‘a vibe’, so I’m massively excited to let people listen”.

An instant favourite amongst Hype Machine platforms, Butterjack has also received accolades from the likes of CLASH, Spindle Magazine and Music Radar amongst others. Butterjack also featured on Slang’s mixtape ‘fwENDZ’ and Caden Jester’s track ‘Fade’.

Residing from North West England, the twenty-five year old musician has been working relentlessly on new music, deciding that 2017 is the right time to release what he has been working so hard on. Butterjack says, “I’ve been making music for years and it’s all I want to do”. With the capability to effortlessly create relatable and captivating music, Butterjack is on his way to proving his position as one of the leading emerging UK talents going into 2018.

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