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2022 was a year full of achievements and hard work for Brisbane rapper, Tahdig. She released her debut EP ‘Truth Be Told’ along with a hit single ‘Unmatched’ later in the year. Both bodies of work provided her with exposure in the Australian music scene along with international recognition from Brazilian, American, British and French publications. As 2023 begins, Brisbane rapper Tahdig sets the tone for her listeners by releasing a single titled ‘Shots’ as she prepares to deliver new energy. 

In context to Tahdig’s new single, “Shots” is a term used in urban language to describe when someone verbally attacks someone else, especially in a belittling or demeaning way. Therefore, Tahdig’s new single is a message for her oppositions. 


Tahdig finds herself collaborating with 19 year old Canadian producer Yaoan for the first time. ‘Shots’ was recorded at Melbourne’s Burncity Studio with sound engineer Daniel Roberts who she first worked with back in 2021. The track was later mixed and mastered by Gene Castillo (Rush Hour Studio) at Brisbane’s Six Degree Studios.

“The writing process for Shots began in November 2021 when I was on the train to work one morning and had time to kill. I remember writing the first 8 bars and later finishing it with 2 verses and a hook in March 2022. As the year went by and I released my EP and single, I revisited Shots again and decided to record it as my first single for 2023.

Shots is a track that conveys a strong message about working hard for what you want and chasing your dreams. Through the process there will be people who will try to bring you down and prevent you from succeeding, however if you have confidence in your own process and keep those you trust close to you, then all the hate is just white noise.”


2022 was a huge year for Tahdig as she introduced herself to more audiences around the country with her distinct flair and sound. Her latest single ‘Unmatched’ landed on 4 major Spotify editorial playlists which has allowed her music to reach more listeners. 

As 2023 begins, Tahdig plans to connect with her fans by performing live and collaborating with other urban artists in Australia. She is one to watch as she prepares for new and exciting projects this year. You can listen to her new single ‘Shots’ on any major streaming platform. 

‘Shots’ is released Thursday, February 2nd

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