Brian Eno gives ‘Reflection’ a Final Seasonal Update

by the partae

BRIAN ENO’S REFLECTION CHANGES WITH THE SEASONS ONE LAST TIME Recieves an update for the Northern Autumn Album out now on Warp Records via Inertia Music

Brian Eno’s seasonal generative work comes full circle.

Eno’s landmark piece Reflection continues to be presented in exciting ways, receiving its fourth iteration, this time for the northern Autumn.

Earlier this year, the album was played throughout the arrivals hall of Terminal 1 of Barcelona’s El Prat airport, coinciding with Sonar Festival and an exhibition in the city dedicated to Eno’s work, Lightforms / Soundforms.  This month, it will be used as the opening and closing music for the meditation sessions at David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption.

Following a previous update in April for Spring, and July for Summer, the Autumn iteration is now on the App Store (free update for existing owners), Apple Music and Spotify.

Reflection was originally released on New Years Day and is available on CD, 2LP, Digital Album and iOS/Apple TV.  Explore all formats at

Watch a visual for “Reflection (Excerpt)” (available exclusively on streaming services) created with the iOS/Apple TV version below.


The ambient overlord returns with a magnificently peaceful album.
The Guardian

54 minutes of what sounds like plinking chimes, rippling vibraphone and
deep synth tones mirroring a parallel world… It’s a meditative start to
2017 and a call-back to 1985’s ‘Thursday

The interplay of tones is sublime, reminiscent at times of famous
jazz vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson’s weightless solos,
time-stretched until they seem to be emanating from the
moon rather than the earth.


In composing a piece so well-defined yet so adaptable, Eno adds
yet another page to ambient music canon.

Resident Advisor

Reflection by Brian Eno is out now on Warp Records via Inertia Music. 
Get it here:

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