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“Y-A-M-L” b/w “”ROULEZ JEUNESSE” 12″ 
Bottin has shared the video for his single “Y-A-M-L feat. Lavinia Claws.” The video, directed by Francesco Meneghini, premiered via Blackbook who call the single “decidedly sexy” and note, “(Bottin) has actually been one of Europe’s most hard-working and traveled DJs. Back home he has remixed many top Italian pop artists, and also worked with Benetton’s Fabrica. Perhaps a result of such a peripatetic existence, his latest project has actually had a decade-long incubation period.” Describing the video Meneghini says, “In a relationship you are free to make up the rules you want as long as your partner agree. The imagination has the key role in every story and it can drive people to discover new sides of themselves, and it can create a really unpredictable game, that not everyone is brave enough to play.”
Read Bottin’s  Q&A with Blackbook here and watch “Y-A-M-L feat. Lavinia Claws” here:

The single – which Jezebel called “utterly transcendent” is off his just-released 12″, “Y-A-M-L,” b/w “Roulez Jeunesse,” which was released via 2MR.  Purchase the 12″ here.
Y-A-M-L” has nearly 10 years of history behind it.  Bottin produced most of the instrumental almost a decade ago when he had bedroom studio and his girlfriend at the time came up with the “You are my love” (hence the title “YAML”) hook and the first notes of the melody.  The song is about a somewhat destructive yet playful relationship: the girl is willingly submissive and mixes reality with her dreams – she portraits her lover as dominant while she’s in fact leading the game. Bottin tried to record it, but something wasn’t quite right and struggling to find the right singer for the project the song was put on hiatus.
Cut to nearly a decade later and a final mixdown was completed at Waterland Studios – a unique recording studio in the historic center of Venice, Italy.  During those 10 years the melody, lyrics and even singers changed many times until finally Bottin enlisted his Bowie-obsessed friend Lavinia Claws (she previously sang on his track “Lies” from the LP Punica Fides). Lavinia helped out with the final lyrics and recorded the vocals in Berlin. Lavinia will also be starring in the forthcoming music video of the song.
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