BLOND:ISH Is Evolving – The duo pursue different paths after an amazing 11 year journey together

by the partae

After a magical 11 years together, BLOND:ISH is budding into two branches. Vivie-Ann continuing as BLOND:ISH will bring a newly individual joy and spirituality through solo performances and recordings, while Anstascia will pursue other passions and her own personal mission to spread love through music.

2018 was truly the Year of BLOND:ISH: the birth of their ABRACADABRA label, the blossoming of ABRA events including hosting their own stage at Tomorrowland, yet another stand-out Burning Man set, label debuts including Warung and EXIT Strategy, regular international slots at Circoloco, Ibiza residencies with WooMoon, Black Coffee and at Scorpios Mykonos… the duo have grasped every star they’ve reached for, and always in their own inimitable style.

Combining brilliant entrepreneurship with an appetite to change the world, they’ve continually challenged themselves and the music community. They helmed a ‘sustainable raving’ movement which led to their hugely successful beach clean in Ibiza with locals and environmentalists. Vivie-Ann also appeared on IMS and ADE Green panels to discuss the issues, along with the imminent launch of her Bye Bye Plastic initiative.

Since meeting to form BLOND:ISH in Montreal, Anstascia and Vivie-Ann’s adventure has been starred with pinch-me moments and triumphs, including their game-changing album ‘Welcome to the Present’ on Kompakt, their Radio 1 Essential Mix, their much-adored Burning Man sets, several international tours, more miles travelled and matchas consumed than seem feasible, sharing their joyous music with the world.

For both Vivie-Ann and Anstascia, authenticity is everything; this emotional openness and honesty has been a source of great strength which has now inspired them to follow new paths.

The only constant is change, and as BLOND:ISH say… ‘let’s evolve together.

You can now follow Anstascia on her own journey on Instagram:

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