Beyoncé and Blue Ivy jump on the official remix of Willy William and J Balvin’s ‘Mi Gente’

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Hitting the #1 position on the iTunes chart in 50+ countries

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Guess the ‘Beyhive’ wasn’t ready for this, neither was the rest of the world. When the world was in need ‘Queen B’ stepped in to take matters in her own hand. To help those in need in Mexico, Puerto Rico and other parts of the Caribbean, she joined forces with Willy William and J. Balvin for the official remix of ‘Mi Gente’. All profits made from the track will be donated to the victims of the recent natural disasters that took place. The result is already there, many went on to buy the track, having it rise to the #1 position of many iTunes charts around the globe on the day of release.

Without a doubt it can be said the track was a success without Beyoncé on it, hitting the #1 position already for multiple weeks in a row. With it being the favorite track of Blue Ivy, the choice was easy for Beyoncé. Best of it all, Blue Ivy even managed to claim her own time to shine by being part of the track.

“I feel blessed and so glad to see Beyoncé on our ‘Mi Gente’ project. She embodies the spirit of this song like nobody else, and on top
ofthat she is donating her proceeds for relief charities. She’s THE queen!” – WILLY WILLIAM

We are all very thankful to have Beyoncé on board of what is set to be another global success for Mi Gente. Scorpio Music welcomes the challenge to stay relevant on a global scale and we look forward to what the future holds. – ANTHONY BELOLO, PRESIDENT OF SCORPIO MUSIC

“Mi Gente,” Balvin’s recent hit with French DJ and electronic producer Willy William, has quickly become one of the most popular songs in the world.” – BUZZFEED

“Mi Gente (My People) has already been a smash hit around the world, reaching the top five in the UK earlier this month. Even before the humanitarian crisis in Mexico and the Caribbean, the song was a rallying call for unity in a time of division.” – BBC

About Willy William
Willy William is a DJ of many talents, who knows how to combine his songwriting and singing skills with producing. Holding the prestigious title of the most Shazammed French Artist in the world for 2016, and the #5 overall spot internationally, he was already set to start 2017 with a bang. With a double diamond certification, two gold awards and several platinum ones for his albums and singles across France, Holland, Italy and Russia, 2017 is set to continue this way. With his upcoming solo album that is set to be released by Scorpio Music at the end of the year, Willy William is definitely one to watch.

About Scorpio Music
Scorpio Music is more than just an independent French record label. This fast-growing full-service label and publishing company goes back 4 decades. Founded by Henri Belolo, producer and composer of the Village People, Scorpio Music already claimed its position in the international music industry. Now run by his son Anthony Belolo, Scorpio Music is back on top of the game. With a family-like set up, the label is able to give all their artists personalized attention with the resources and distribution of a major label. The success of the label clearly reflects in their success with Willy William, who had his first global hit within 4 months after signing to Scorpio Music.

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