Ben Klock set to headline smalltown Melbourne warehouse party this coming May!

by the partae

Ben Klock, Jennifer Cardini. Mind Against. Techno. Unique Indoor Space.

You are not alone, we feel it too…

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Sorry, not sorry…

This coming May smalltown will head into its biggest endeavour when it hosts three of the world’s most renowned acts: Berghain resident and current King of Techno, Ben Klock, Correspondent Records boss Jennifer Cardini, and Life & Death duo Mind Against. This huge event will go down at in very unique indoor space which will be announced very soon…


Ben Klock (GER)

Thunderous. Cavernous. Immense. Rolling. Those are just some of the adjectives you can use to describe the disturbance in airwaves that Ben Klock musters. He wields his tracks like a sharply trained ninja, throwing them down in a way that activates dance floors to its full potential. There is a reason he is resident at Berghain: he is the directly connected to the source. Stop it, don’t even argue. No one does it better than Ben Klock. Soundcloud

Jennifer Cardini (GER)

Warm. Epic. Post-punk. Garage Techno. If you don’t like the direction where music is heading, stay the course and carve your own niche into the musical consciousness. This is precisely what French-born but Berlin-based Jennifer Cardini did. She has been around for a hot minute, doing her thing in an unassuming way, sticking to her own vibe and never settling for less. She goes on to create Correspondent Records, inadvertently creating a whole new subculture of music that is equal parts cool, functional and different. If you don’t know Jennifer Cardini’s music… for the love of God get your head out of the clouds and pay attention. Soundcloud

Mind Against (ITA)

Cerebral. Intense. Perspicacious. Deep. It’s very apt that this Italian brother duo features the word ‘Mind’ in their production moniker: their music is deep explorations of the grey matter variety, and much of what they do mull over the philosophy of life. They are a large cog in DJ Tennis’ Life & Death stable, they feature heavily on Tale of Us’ Afterlife parties, and they title their productions after cosmic and mythological concepts like ‘Elysium’, ‘Pulsar’, and ‘Solaris’. Mind Against will envelop you with the thickest, warmest blanket of bass you have ever experienced. Soundcloud

Novel presents


Unique Indoor Space TBA
Saturday 11th May

Tix Prices
First Round: $79 incl. BF
Final Round: $95 incl. BF

Time: 1PM – 10PM

Local Support

Tickets on sale now from:

  Facebook event:

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