Bearfoot Beware

by the partae
What is your name and role within Bearfoot Beware?
Tom Bradley, I play guitar and shout my head off.
You’re currently based in Leeds, what is the DIY music scene like there and the UK in general?
It’s great. Very little pretension and a sense of family and community. Geting around the UK there’s definitely pockets of that too. It’s great finding all the groups of weird and wonderful people just doing what they love.
How did Bearfoot Beware form?
We formed years ago among the back drop of the recession and joblessness that came with it. Nothing felt better at the time than playing music no matter how terrible we were when we started off.
Bearfoot Beware is is part of the Chunk collective which has spawned a host of great bands such a ZoZo, Esper Scout, Beige Palace, Thank, and also Cattle, please tell us about Chunk.
The Chunk collective spawned from the necessity of several musicians and bands to find cheap practice so they can do it all the time. Over the years it evolved into a venue a hub for DIY noisy music in Leeds.
What has your time and experience been like within the Chunk collective?
Hard work. Bloody hard work but the benefits it’s brought to everyone have been amazing and the community of friends and like-minded folk around is amazing. The best thing is seeing someone who might never have been involved in DIY music flourish in it as Chunk has made it easier for people to access.
Musically Bearfoot Beware have a lot in common with the likes of Future of the Left, USA Nails, Fugazi, Faraquet and Shellac, how do these bands influence your songwriting?
A lot of those bands don;t just focus on a articular formula when it come to writing in a noisy rock/punk or whatever you want to call it and I think we approach things in a similar vein. One dimensional sounds can can very boring quick unless it’s done well.
Who are you you listening to at the moment?
I’m listening to Pile, Stoogees, Bilge Pump. The new Hookworms album has blown me away. It’s impeccable.
Please tell us about your latest album, where did you record?
We recorded at a local place, Greenmount Studios. They’ve made a whole ton of great records and really. Lee, Jamie and Rob really give us the freedom to do what we want and to also work relentlessly. There’s no point in faffing about in the studio.
What instruments and programs did you use to record?
Not sure on the programs that isn’t my forte all I know is we record everything to analogue tape and then send it through to one of the recording programs. The wall of amps we used to record we’re my favorite part. We used a beautiful VOX AC15 from around the 60’s, an old Tanoy speaker, a Diesel head. I think we had around 5 different amps/speaker going at once.
Where is the album available to listen to or purchase?
It’s available to purchase from Superstar Destroyer Records bandcamp, CD/Vinyl/Digital. Also available at shows and stored at Jumbo and Crash Records in Leeds.
What influenced the sound of this album?
We wanted this album to sound clear, loud and overall no-nonsense. Musically a lot of local noise bands have influenced us. Check our Super Luxury, Cattle, Blacklisters and Bilge Pump.
What do you have planned for the rest of 2018?
We plan to tour and play live as much as possible, jobs permitting. We’re heading out to Mainland Europe in September with our pals Irk. We’re also playing the awesome Long Division Festival in Wakefield on June 2nd.
Who else are you looking forward to catching at Long Division festival?
I’m looking forward to catching The Surfing Magazines, The Lovely Eggs and Shatner’s Basoon (not just an awesome name).
Wakefield itself has a number of DIY bands and labels. Are there any artists from the city you think people should check out?
Drahla stand out to me. I’ve seen them once when they played CHUNK a year or two ago but really looking forward to seeing where their sound has gone now. Also Jamie from Mi Mye recorded our record at Greenmount Studios, go check them out but I bet Wakefielders/ites/ingers are already big fans.
Favourite food and place to hangout in Leeds?
Hangouts wise the new Cardigan Arms is great. It used to be a pretty unwelcoming old man pub but it’s been taken over by the local Kirkstall Brewery. The Brudenell Social Club is also our usual hangs for beers, gigs and now PIES. Food wise I like Hansa’s restraurant and our favorite Burley curry spot Bengal Brasserie holds a special place in our hearts. Temple of Boom now have a canteen too which is great.
Long Division takes place in Wakefield on 1st-3rd June

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