Baxter Dury shares Jarvis Cocker remix of “Miami”

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Prince Of Tears album coming Friday, October 27 on [PIAS] Le Label

Baxter Dury has announced details of his new album Prince of Tears, to be released on Friday, October 27 via [PIAS] Le Label – available on vinyl, CD & DL. Dury also has shared the Jarvis Cocker remix to “Miami“, the first single to be taken from Prince of Tears.

Prior to the remix, Baxter shared the video for “Miami” – a portal into his hazy, anti-wonderland. We are guided by “Miami” himself; a foul-mouthed and cocksure character created by Baxter, centred on the delusions that can come with heartbreak. “He thinks he’s got swagger, he thinks he’s someone, but he’s not“, explains Baxter.


Prince of Tears was recorded at the end of 2016 at Hoxa Studios, co-produced by Baxter himself & Ash Workman (Metronomy) and mixed by longstanding collaborator Craig Silvey(Arcade FireNew OrderFlorence & the Machine).

Intensely personal, yet brutally open, this is Baxter’s fifth album and his most ambitious and biggest work to date. Whilst retaining the natty charm of his previous works, like his debut Len Parrot’s Memorial Lift or the acclaimed Happy Soup, Baxter this time worked with a full band and orchestra to truly bring the soundscapes of his emotional netherworld to life.

The album features notable guests; including longstanding fan Jason Williamson from Sleaford Mods on the track “Almond Milk” and Rose Elinor Dougall on “Porcelain“, as well as long-term collaborator Madelaine Hart providing backing vocals across numerous tracks and illuminating some of the album’s dark corners.

The Album is full of little fictional snapshots based on actual experiences“, Baxter says of the ten songs. “They’re biographical film soundtracks for an imaginary film about myself, which is fictional. The man singing and speaking it all is unreliable; he can’t see the world properly. It’s massively delusional, but because of that it’s also emotionally true“.

Baxter Dury
Prince Of Tears

1. Miami
2. Porcelain
3. Mungo
4. Listen
5. Almond Milk
6. Letter Bomb
7. Oi
8. August
9. Wanna
10. Prince of Tears

Prince Of Tears by Baxter Dury is out Friday, October 27
on [PIAS] Le Label
Pre-order now:

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