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Today, AREA21 releases a fresh new electronic hip-hop tinged track, “We Did It” via STMPD RCRDS/Sony Music International/RCA Records. The track is now available to purchase and stream at all digital service providers. Click here to listen.

“We Did It” features triumphant lyrics that are matched by a powerful beat that builds, unleashing shimmering synth chords. It is a feel-good, heavily rhythmic track.

The track was first teased last week as the theme song for YouTube Live at E3, the massive live broadcast from the popular video gaming trade show. “We Did It” also made appearances in Martin Garrix’s recent sets, fueling rumors of his involvement.

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The unidentified musicians behind AREA21, as yet represented only by two aliens sketched in their spaceship, have been teasing dance music fans globally since last spring. With just two releases under its belt, the mysterious alien duo has landed twice at the top of HypeMachine charts and all over Spotify Viral charts.

 Their first release “Spaceships” has racked up over 21 million plays on Spotify and tens of millions more across platforms since it dropped in April 2016. Flying into the top 5 of Spotify’s Viral Hits charts, rumor swirled about AREA21’s true identity. Later revealed to be supported by Martin Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS, the track was also featured in Martin’s set at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, spurring rumors that AREA21 may be his own side project. Their follow up track, “Girls” has racked up nearly 10 million plays across streaming platforms, and recently more tracks including the newly released “We Did It” have found their way into Garrix’s set at festivals worldwide.


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