Angus Mccoll

by the partae

Where are you currently based? Bronte, Sydney.

How did you first start playing music? My brother showed me a blink 182 song on guitar when i was 9 and i thought it was the coolest thing ever.

What’s been happening recently? Creating and making music videos, short films and singing piano covers loud with my housemate Xela!

Your latest single ‘Dead’ is out now, what influenced the sound and songwriting? I was in a dark place and I wrote a lot of songs to help my break through what i was feeling, kida like journaling but I just sang my words out of my heart which is located on my sleeve haha “Heartbreak is a powerful instigator for creativity.

We love cinematic score and the feeling it creates when watching film.

We wanted the music to create a sonically dreamy, almost hypnotic foundation for his unique voice and lyrical styling to float over. A mix of Moog, Sequential, Novation, Arturia and high end digital synthesis helped ignite this lush dreamscape.” my producer Dre.

How did Dead come about?  I wrote a song at about 3 am in my little apartment in Bronte, Sydney. My housemate (Xela the artist) was working with a producer that day. She showed Andre the track. Later on I got a phone call saying he’d like to meet. I remember still being so tired and heartbroken I barely knew which way was up. I met Dre and he had this piano track written called “Sad Billy”, he played it for me and as soon as I heard it, I wrote the song down in my notes “you take your pills in the morning, to numb the pain” and sang it over his loop, that was in the first 5 minutes of meeting Andre. I went into the studio a mess, heart broken, torn apart. I left after 6 months with something to prove, something to show for myself.

Where and when did you record/produce/master and who with? Andre Keuneman and Fenix Martinez, the GOATS.

What or who influenced the concept for the music video? Dre and I both love film and story telling. We wanted to video to be powerful and cinematic. We loved themes of Joji and the pain and pleasure of heartbreak. Jordy Simpson (Director) helped nut out the styles and shots and we made magic.

Where and when did you film and who did you work with? We ran around at 3 am in Sydney, I was covered in fake blood and a torn suit with an amazing film crew. Tal Hymans (actress) is a close friend and Movie actress. She came on set and took over that role. She is amazing in the clip.

Please tell us about the process for making the music video: Dre and I had this idea of me being all fucked (sorry) up in a car crash. And then a storyline of a loving relationship to juxtapose the pain. Jordy Simpson (director), Tal Hymans (actress) and myself threw ourselves (literally) around a dark forrest, train station and cliff top at 3 in the morning.

The first night everything was prepped to shoot, we were all on set and ready to roll out to first location and the car wouldnt start. I had my head in my hands overwhelmed at such a funny and simple thing to happen. The whole thing got called off and we went to the pub up the road. The next night we shot it:)

I cried when it all came to life. Blood, sweat and tears in that music clip (Literally) haha I am a big fan of cinema and friendships. I think we all should be.

What’s planned for 2023? EP is coming very soon. With it will be more cinematic music videos and fun moments 🙂 Thats what lifes about right fun moments and cinema haha.

Who are you listening to at the moment? As of right now, Grant Perez cover of School of Rock is dope!

Favourite food and place to hangout? Bronte beach when its firing left hand tubes onto the shore haha.

OOOOO La palma in Bondi has the best chilled vibe and hangs. The owner is such a beautiful soul and you’ll be homies in 5 minutes!



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