ANGUS MCCOLL releases cinematic single ‘DEAD’ with music video

Inspired by the grandeur of a film score, he taps into a hypnotic electro-indie sound

by the partae

Photo by: David Collins

“Something real, and extremely personal. Where darkness goes, beauty follows. This is dark cinematic heart felt music.” Angus McColl.

Angus McColl makes music that taps into the emotion of the sublime. Supremely all-encompassing and passionate to the core, the self-taught musician from Byron lays bare his heart with a multilayered mix of analogue and digital synthesis for hypnotic debut single ‘DEAD’. 


Exploring his experience of heartbreak, the creation of ‘DEAD’ was a cathartic release and necessary stage in healing. With an introduction from his housemate, revered producer, performer and industry veteran Andre Keuneman contacted Angus, wanting to link up and bounce ideas. Inspired by a piano track from Dre, the lyrics shimmered into existence and after 6 months of intense studio sessions, the result is nothing short of magical.

“I wrote a song at about 3 am in my little apartment in Bronte, Sydney. My housemate (Xela the artist) was working with a producer that day. She showed Andre the track. Later on I got a phone call saying he’d like to meet. I remember still being so tired and heartbroken I barely knew which way was up. I met Dre and he had this piano track written called “Sad Billy”, he played it for me and as soon as I heard it, I wrote the song down in my notes “you take your pills in the morning, to numb the pain” and sang it over his loop, that was in the first 5 minutes of meeting Andre. I went into the studio a mess, heart broken, torn apart. I left after 6 months with something to prove, something to show for myself.” Angus McColl.

Angus Mccoll teamed up with Andre Keuneman for mixing and mastering and Fenix Martinez for piano. The result is a sonically dreamy, almost hypnotic foundation upon which Angus’ unique voice and lyrical stylings float over.

A mix of Moog, Sequential, Novation, Arturia and high end digital synthesis helped ignite the lush dreamscape of Angus’ creation. These, married with a powerful sub-frequencey push envelopes you in not only the pain of heartbreak but the beauty of music.

The accompanying music video visualises the heartbreak and narrative of the emotional fuel for ‘DEAD’. Dripping with emotion, the visuals could easily be mistaken for any A24 movie. Glitter, sunsets, domestic bliss and Sydney trains come together to narrate a turbulent relationship that slowly deteriorates into oblivion. Heavy on heartbreak, director Jordan Simpson (Flowerboy production) excavates beauty from the pain.

“I wanted every track to tell a story visually as well as musically. We wanted each piece of music to sound like it could be in a movie. A cinematic desire. Jordan Simpson (Flowerboy production) is one of my closest friends who lives up the road. I played him the track and Andre and myself described the plot. I remember Jordy switched and looked so serious and said “lets make it fucked up amazing”. I remember rocking up to set on one of the car crash scenes and the car was smashed, smoke everywhere, lights in the trees, people running around, this was at 3 am in a Maroubra carpark. I started tearing up because I couldnt believe this was happening, months of work and here we are on set, i felt so fucking grateful and blessed by my friends.”
Angus McColl.


“The soulful artist believes in finding the beauty in everything and pours this optimism into his tracks, detailing stories of love, lust, and life.”
Happy Mag

DEAD is out Feb 15th
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