Alex Stein

by the partae

You were born and raised in Sao Paulo, how things were and are over there, in that city?

– Well it’s a very big city with lots of chaos, traffic and people. But it is also the very resourceful city, where you can find almost anything you need. I had a very cool childhood living in the suburbs and to this day I still live in the same neighbourhood I grew up in. There’s always a lot going on, a lot of very good events, specially in the last few years so I really can’t complain.

You’re one of the most sought after techno artists from that country, Brazil, how did you first get into and start playing techno?

– I guess my career started the same as many other producers. Basically I started going out to parties and rave events and just got more and more involved in it, always trying to learn more about the music itself and how it was made. From there on it was a long process of learning how to produce and make music. My music focus is still the same: making good music that people like to dance to.

What is the dance scene like in Brazil?

– It is very big, with lots of events and basically all genres you can think of. The scene is getting bigger each year, as are clubs and venues and people are (again) more and more interested in Techno.

You’re very good friend’s with Victor Ruiz, how and when did this relationship form?

– Me and Victor met over a decade ago when we were both Psytrance DJ’s. We met at a party where both of us we’re playing and the turnout was so bad that the promoter asked us for our fee back (50 bucks). We bonded over the fun in that situation and our friendship just grew from there as we started making and learning hoe to make music together. I’m very lucky to have him as a friend and for the fact that we are still just as good friend today as we were back then.

Last June you released for the very 1st time on Suara imprint, now in November (24th) you’ve done the same with an EP on Oliver Huntemann’s Senso Sounds labelWhere and when did you record those brilliant EPs?

– These tracks were all made in my studio at my house in São Paulo. They were done in a larger timeframe over a three or four month period.Aurora was an experimental journey into a more melodic side of myself as much as Zeit was an experiment for me personally in focusing my attention to the smaller details and trying to build a track that had emotion without using too many elements.

What influenced the sound and vibe of the last EP for Senso Sounds? Did you collaborate with anybody in some of the tracks… if so who, can you introduce the artist to us?

Well  to be honest there isn’t much to say about the production itself on that particular EP. ‘Zeit’ was a track that I made after spending some time away from the studio and on that particular day I was messing around with my Moog Sub37 when I made the bassline that runs along that whole track and basically give’s it that character. Once that had been created, the rest of the session went effortlessly and in 3 hours the track was ready. Atomkraft is kinda the same, all sessions with my buddy Kalil happen in a really organic and comfortable manner. We just have the same taste in music so it’s always easy-going and it doesen’t even feel like we’re working at all. To top it off, André Winter made a great remix for my track Zeit that just shows why I am such a big fan, his signature sound but as a re-interpretation, just great!

With the fetish imprints where would you love to publish the new music and why?

– Well I’m a big fan of a lot of labels but I would love to release my music on Ocotpus, Bedrock and Mau5trap some day!

What programs / equipment do you use live and to record?

– I use Logic Pro X as a DAW and mostly use Soft synths from U-he and Arturia and also my Moog Minitaur and Sub37 synthezisers.

We hear that you also have a German passport, are you spending much time in Germany?  

– I grew up in Germany actually. I was born in Brazil but lived in Germany until I was six years old. So I’ve always spent a lot of time in and out of Germany also because of my family there. Later I went to Audio Engineering school in Frankfurt and it was then that I truly discovered Techno.

How has your musical studies (including Audio Engineering at the SAE Institute in Frankfurt), enhanced your music vocabulary?

– A lot acctualy. I learned a lot there and mos of all it gave me a different view to production all together. At the same time that I learned to rules, it made me free to try anything I wanted with no fear or compromise. It was a very good time in my life.

Can you please tell us a about your upcoming projects for 2018?

– I plan on doing a lot of traveling to Europe in this coming year. You can expect a lot of new music from me and I’ll try to come to places I’ve not been before.

Who are you listening to at the moment?

– Foo Fighters

When and where are you playing next?

– In São Paulo at a Christmas party that is going to happen in a football stadium! Haha a little unusual I guess!

Favourite food and place to hang out?

– Anywhere my dog Moog is with me.


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