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by the partae

Where are you currently based? 

i was born and raised in Tuscany and i  still live here, in a gourgeous place between Pisa and Florence hills.

Who are you listening to at the moment? 

At the moment im listening some pop indie artists,  but my playlist is big enough to have some funk songs on it too.

Recently you played Sharm El Sheik, Gallipoli and Croatia, what are the greatest challenges of touring?  What do you enjoy the most?

Well touring its not as easy as it seems. especially international touring…for istance sometimes you need  to spend weeks to get a visa to work in certain countries…and that’s the tip of the iceberg only…but at the end of the day performing abroad it is a big satisfaction and keeps my spirit alive . Especially when you meet amazing people and play in awesome clubs.

How did you get into music? 

I’ve started playing drums  and synths at 14 years old in many bands.  Basically i was fortunate enough to be a teenager in the 90s;  every single fellow was playing in  a band or it was a part of musical or visual projects……something that today wouldn’t exist, unfortunately.

Please tell up about where you recorded and produced your up coming release ‘Cause It’s Cool’ ? What influenced this track? 

Every single track that i make, comes straight outta my studio here in Tuscany. Everysignle step of the process its curated and hand made by myself and im proud of it! Mixing, Mastering, writing process it’s all made by myself! Regarding ‘Cause it’s Cool’ it’s my newst track and itwill be released on Enormous Tunes ( EDX label) in all the main digital stores around the web. This song It’s very diffent from what i usually make, this one has a strong balearic vibe  and taste in it, smooth guitars, percussion sounds, chord progressions ! i made this song thinking about a sunset at the beach and if you listen to it, you’ll spot the mood when i did it!

What do you like to outside of music? 

Honestly i do not have any other passions or hobbies outside the music. i like pets, i own a cat and i spend most of my time in the studio making music!

You have lot’s of amazing shows coming up: Samsara, Riccione IT; Cafè Del Mar, Barcelona ES; The Sound of Kamenica Festival, Skopje MK, Catwalk, Guangzou China.  Do you find that the shows are different from country to country? What equipment do you take with you when you play live? 

My Dj setup consists in a classic 2x Pioneer cdj2000 player and a DM 900  mixer still from the same brand. In these days technology allows you to have great stability and performances with ease if you stick around with these devices. Regarding the clubs i’ve been playing lately i thik that every place its obviously different; but the spirit basically its the same everywhere i went, whether Egypt or Italy, Spain or Macedonia. House Music its pure joy.

Favorite food? 

Defintely Raw Oysters with some cocktails sauces!

You’ve started also a Sample Library division of Hotfingers where users can purchase royalty free samples. How and why did you start the Sample Library? Where do the samples come from? 

Yes we recently launched Hotfingers Samples and  we are quite happy on the results. 3 years ago i’ve released my first sample library and then few others until 2016, then this year we released more than 5 libraries in few months. All the sounds comes from my studio: i own plenty of vintage synthesizers and sound processors such as Arp 2600, Ems Synthi AKS, Roland System 100 and 100m, Minimnoog and many others vintage analog devices.


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