Abe Duque contributes to Absence Seizure’s 11th vinyl release

by the partae
Abe Duque

Abe Duque and Matuss, joint founders of the NYC-based label Absence Seizure, are teaming up once again for their latest release titled ‘Seizure No. 11.’ The project is four tracks in length, three of which come from Matuss and one from Abe Duque.

While the tracks are all based upon a foundation of soulful, stripped-down techno, each one sounds very different from the last. The first track, brought to you by Abe Duque, is titled “22 October,” and it is robotic, experimental, and attention-grabbing to say the least. Airy minor chords spread themselves atop plucking synths, creating an intriguing mix capable of saving any dance floor.

The next track, Matuss’ “Between 4AM and Basement”, has a more modern sound, with a banging industrial bassline accompanied by piercing claps and minimalistic breaks. “Meet You at the Back Door”leans more on the side of no-nonsense techno; reversed and forward cymbals compete with one another in an edgy manner, concluding with ominous and ambient undertones. Her final track “Moon Guardian”then conjures an enigmatic and eerie atmosphere without hesitating, where an intricate bassline is accentuated by claps and hi-hats, as well as reversed vocals and echoing metallic bells spread on top.

While the tracks each convey a slightly different feeling, they are all tied together with a common theme of reversal; reversed instruments, some subtler than others, are spread evenly throughout the project. Listeners can expect to sweat to heavy rhythms and at the same time revel in subtle undertones.‘Seizure No. 11’ is truly a unique sensory experience. It will be available this March 1st on Absence Seizure.

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