Lunice drops new video for “Distrust”; ‘CCCLX’ out September 8


New album CCCLX out Friday September 8
on Lucky Me via Inertia Music

Since its release two weeks ago, “Distrust” the lead single from Lunice’s forthcoming album CCCLX featuring Denzel Curry and fellow crew members J.K. The Reaper and Nell has  risen in prominence. Now LuckyMe are proud to present the video for “Distrust”, in collaboration with director Sam Rolfes.

Already a centrepiece of Lunice’s new live show and causing riots every time it’s played in the club, the anti-authoritarian message of its lyrics force listeners to stand up for what they don’t trust in society.

Choked and pinned with glowing scraps of regressive netscum, a body thrashes and steps through the digital visual violence as a familiar green figure hangs splayed, pierced by a spear, entrails out, while Denzel Curry and Lunice FaceTime in to watch.

“Distrust” was recorded live within a game engine, similarly to Rolfes’ previous videos for Amnesia Scanner & Rihanna’s VMA performance.

Sam Rolfes is a Chicago and New York based mixed-format digital artist and director. Using the human body as a mark making device and underlying structure, he crafts diffusive psychosexual worlds that sublimate space and identity within a live context.

Rolfes has been active across several formats and industries through live-performance VR, video, and still image projects for artists including Amnesia Scanner, Dawn RichardKingdomDanny BrownDanny L Harle, and Caroline Polachek; fashion print and promotional design for Nicola Formichetti‘s Nicopanda line, a music game for Adult Swim, fashion editorials for King Kong Magazine, & live visuals for LafawndahSquarepusher, and part of Rihanna’s VMA 2016 performance, among others.


  1. CCCLX – I (Curtain) (feat. CJ Flemings)
    2. Tha Doorz
    3. Drop Down (feat. SOPHIE & Le1f)
    4. Elevated (feat. CJ Flemings & King Metz)
    5. Mazerati
    6. Freeman (feat. CJ Flemings & Speng)
    7. CCCLX – II (Intermission)
    8. Distrust (feat. Denzel Curry& C9)
    9. CCCLX – III (Costume) (feat. Mike Dean)
    10. O.N.O
    11. CCCLX – IV (Black Out) feat. Syv De Blare)

Featured Photo Credit : Mathieu Fortin

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