What is your name and role within the band?

Drew Holcomb, Lead vocals and guitar.

How did you start?

I started writing songs late in college and started booking shows for myself. After graduating I told my dad that I wanted to pursue music, and he asked me one question, “Are you going to work hard at that?” When I told him “yes sir,” he took me to the guitar shop and bought me a new guitar.

Where are you based?

Nashville, TN

Please give an example of your music writing process?

I collect words, phrases, lyrical ideas in a journal, as well as musical ideas on my phone. Then I block off time to write, or if the right late night inspiration happens, i will write then.

What are you working on right now?

We just released a new record, “Souvenir,” in March and wrapped up the spring leg of The Souvenir Tour. We’ll be playing some shows here and there towards the end of the summer and then continuing The Souvenir Tour in the fall.

What is your gear setup?

My set up is really simple, just a couple acoustic guitars and a DI. Currently on the road I am using an early 90’s Martin OM-28 and a 1967 Gibson J45 that I found in a Virginia Pawn Shop.

What do you like to do outside of music and does it affect your music?

I hang with my kids on a pontoon boat, sit on the porch with my friends, play golf, read, exercise.

How would you describe your music genre?

I guess its Americana, sort of that catch all genre where folk, rocknroll, country and soul all blend together like a good Chocolate Sundae.

Do you know any music theory?

Not one single bit.

What are your plans for the future?

We are doing another big tour this Fall, and I am always writing and recording new music.

How did you get into music?

I started songwriting when I was studying abroad in Edinburgh Scotland as a junior at UT in Knoxville. Then I got home and started playing bars there in my college town.

What are you listening to at the moment?

Brandi Carlile’s “Cover Stories” featuring Pearl Jam, Adele, Dolly Parton and a host of others.

Who are your top 5 influences and icons?

Tom Petty, Springsteen, Tom Waits, Neil Young, Wilco

When are you playing next?

Memphis, TN on 8/11

Please feel free to include any extra info.





Press folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zibm1vpc0sn5h74/AAAZXq-oYENGF37VYCHHSAkVa?dl=0


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